Ideal for marketplaces, store builders, invoicing systems,


now you can make it easy for anyone to accept payments.

You help others sell their awesome stuff- their software, products, services, memberships or subscriptions, but...

...connecting their merchant account, payments gateway
or Paypal is difficult...

...and if they don't have an account to accept payments yet,
its especially painful for them to
get started... if they ever do.

merchee CONNECT solves that, and you earn referral commissions too.

Just give merchee their name and email address.

With only a couple clicks, they can connect and immediately start accepting credit cards.

It's simple for everyone.

If they've never accepted credit cards before, or if they already have an existing merchant account, merchee makes it easy.

Sales conversions go through the roof because
merchee automatically matches their secure checkout page to their website and branding.

They'll sell more and grow faster using
one-click social sharing with
automatic rewards for affiliates and customers that refer their friends.

You're the hero!

You'll help more people get paid from their customers, and you don't need a bunch of integrations to processors or payments gateways.

It's ridiculously easy to do: Check out how it works!